In Utter DarknessEdit

There are things people don't look at. Things people don't want to see. Life is more pleasant if they are ignored. Because if we stare at them for too long, our world comes tumbling down.

don't look away

Monsters from the Beyond - the Abyss. The Eldritch. Creatures beyond human comprehension, with powers great enough to annihilate humanity. Superior to man in intellect, power, speed, and ability, they exist on a higher plane than us. The only way for humanity to survive is to stop them from completely manifesting inside our world. It is a brutal fight, and one that has claimed the souls of countless men and women.

you know nothing

Bastion still stands tall. The fight will continue.

why must you run?

What other choice do we have?

see with your own eyes


Welcome to MotB RP, a directed RP. This wiki is auxiliary, and will serve as a reference for both the authors and the players. Please see the Interest Check thread on for instructions on how to make a character. Before you do so, however, I recommend you read the various pages in the navigation bar, particularly those on Bastion, The Eldritch, Abilities, and Excubitors. those four pages should have sufficient information to construct your character.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the RP. I cannot guarantee anything, but I truly hope that this will be a meaningful experience for all of us.

-Pulsy Goat & Wet Towel

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